Saturday, September 17, 2005

I have embarked on testing some anger theories.

Are you just insane with anger!
Are you Really Pissed!!
Super Angry!!!
Totally Outraged!!!!
Offended to the power of infinity!!!!!
10, maybe 50 different kinds of UPSET!!!!!!

I'll kill myself, just for you... deal?

You would enjoy that wouldn't you?
Or would you...?

WOULD that satisfy you?
OR can you NOT be satisfied?

I was just joking about killing myself...
How would I maintain my precious blog if I were dead?

Did you know you could feel better about yourself and the
world if you take a look into some kind of anger management.

Yes, I'm provoking you! Let your anger take you!
The insurance companies will pay on the stroke you
give yourself! Come on get upset! Really upset!!!
Break your keyboard and kick your dog!!! Yeah...!!!
THATS IT! Stew in your anger!!!

My questions to you are:

Are you SURE this is worth being upset over?

Are you SURE about anything you're upset about?

Do your relationships suffer because you're SURE
about what you're upset about?

I am testing some theories on anger :)

Do we get angry out of an automated response?
Can someone actually stop an think about their
anger before they attack?

Can anger be turned into laughter before someone

Let me know if you are offended...
by leaving a comment: I promise to leave them all up.

I know that your personal space is important...

It is easy enough to delete anything I have offended
you with, so I am positive I have done no permanent damage.

So please don't let your self get too upset over it...
Unless your a complete psycho that lives on the attention
others give you when you're steaming!

Here is how it works...

I spend a few minutes each day...
looking for blogs that fit a certain profile.

Then I post that which I know is hated by every person
on the net... a link to something completely unrelated.

Most people don't care but... if you are hurt in any way...

I am truly sorry for you. Even though I was the trigger
for your anger I have a theory that I'm not the only
person who triggers it in you on a consistent basis.

I am human and I know how it feels to be really outraged...
though I've gotten over it...

What is my motivation?

Well, I often wonder why we get so
upset when someone cuts us off in our car...
or when someone "invades our space".

These things are just part of everyday life...
It is the meaning we attach to those things
that make us upset..

Why are we as a society so angry?

We live in a time where we have a better "quality of life"
than any other time in the world.

Yet millions are just heated and upset...
over the tiniest things...

Something we easily could control
(we control who can post to our blogs and who can't)...

Something that we have power over
(delete is a great thing)...

Blog-Rage is just a simple example of a MUCH greater problem.

All I'm hoping to do is bring it to you're attention.

Sure you know about anger and you have heard it a million times...
What are you doing about it? Is being angry getting you what you want?

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Have you been indoctrinated, by your peers with anger for netizens that act outside the bounds of your idea of proper netiquette?

The net represents our freedom... people are free to express
anywhere unless the person controlling that space
explicitly denies it. (access controls are a great thing)
So don't cry about it! Do something about it!

Do you even know why you're upset?

Are you that person who will get into an argument...
then forgets why the argument started?

Will this post to you precious blog matter when you are
on your death bed?

Still upset?

Please post why... I would love to know... So would my readers...
Are other posts here? read them...

Does your reason sound just as canned?
Does it sound just like everyone else's reason?

Perhaps we are all not that different... so similar in fact we
could learn to forgive the stupidity of others by seeing
that which is stupid in ourselves..

I love the circus!

Watching people flail about like clowns, because of their
rage, is so entertaining it brings me to tears laughing
at the thought of it...

(I know you have seen it too and laughed...)

I'm begging you... if you're still upset... tell us why.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Online activism? Root out those spewing intolerance
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9:11 AM  
Blogger blogdude69 said...

hehe... nicely done... I am the victim of my own activities...

I love your post! I only wish I had your blog address so I could return the favor!

I love this blogging stuff!

9:37 AM  
Blogger Miss Hitler said...

hi! u left a msg on my blog so im leaving one on ur urs. im glad u liked my blog. how did u understand it if ur not maltese.......

12:57 PM  
Blogger blogdude69 said...

Miss Hitler's blog has some lovely poetry in it. As well as some fun psudo stories about her life..

I had hoped my second blog might be someone upset... but as it turns out...

Miss Hitler is above the "status quo".

For that my dear I give you my thanks for helping me to believe not everyone is bitter and jaded...

There is always the next person. Blogger out there.. ;)

1:35 PM  
Blogger Googlu said...

Thankyou for posting on my blog :D
God Bless you...and May u cool down :)

1:40 PM  
Blogger rockstar_wanna_be said...

i don't mind ramdom posts, infact that is the basis of my blog, infact one of my blog's goals is to get web art out to the people who don't search it out (me), and the only way to do that is random links. I have even had spam left in my comment boxes, I say bring it on!!! So long as you read my blog I don't care what the hell links you put on it!

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


By Don TRUE - Copyright © 1993 - All Rights Reserved

Remember the Cottonwood 200 club ride last Sunday? The route went out sixty first street; down the big hill; through Dover and on to Council Grove. I was doing my civic and biking duty by being a Sag at the top of the big hill, just outside Dover. I was the guy handing you bananas and apples and refilling your water bottles. It's the Bananas that caused the real problem. I hadheard, that when bananas are shipped here from South America that sometimes tarantulas slip into the packing crates and make it all the way to market. And since the bike club buys bananas by the case for the hungry hoard of bikers, I think that's where the spider came from. As I was sitting there on the water jugs he must have creep silently and slowly out of the crate and into my rear jersey pockets. I just wish I would have seen him then.

As the last group of riders left the Sag, up rode my buddy Jim the "Animal".

"Come on Don, lets race into Dover for some power bars and granola." "Gee Jim," I replied, "How healthy. How about a sausage Biscuit with butter and cheese on it and a greasy old egg thrown on top?" And with that I jumped on my bike and got a 200 foot head start before he realized I had left. He may have been slow to catch onto me leaving, but he hammered on his pedals and caught me in about 10 seconds.

We were now racing downhill at about 35 mph when Jim yells over; "Stop pedaling and hold real still. A big brown ugly spider is crawling up your back."
Suddenly I could feel eight little legs making their way up my spine. I watched Jim slowly unfasten his Zefal frame pump, and gripping it like a tennis racket he proceeded to hit the spider with his best back hand top spin shot.


The pump made a dull thud of a sound as it hit me squarely across the back. I was thrown forward from the force and my chest was crushed against my Aero bars. This opened up some stitches from a previous accident. I could only moan and gasp for air as I swerved back and forth across the road.

The crafty spider had foreseen Jim's mighty blow and scurried up my back and now was perched on my left shoulder. In my peripheral vision, I could see a venomous hairy brown creature about three inches in diameter, clinging onto me for dear life. It had fangs about 1/2" long, and it lookedto me like poison venom was dripping profusely from them. Two little beady eyes looked back into mine, and I swear, I saw his twisted brown lips smile at me.

In a sudden move he leaped off my shoulder and two razor sharp pinchers claws caught my ear lobe and the spider dangled there. "JIMMMMM" I screamed as Jim took another back swing with his pump.


Jim's last blow hit me right up side the head. For a few seconds I was seeing stars and a solar eclipse all at the same time. At 40 mph I started to pass out and ride off the road, but Jim made a desperate grab at me and managed to grasp the waist band on the back of my Lycra pants. He pulled open a 2 inch gap between my waist and the pants and a rather large SPIDER in distress dropped off my ear lobe and into my now openIn rapid fire succession Jim pummeled me on the rear with several blows from his Zefal. Seeing a 3" lump moving left and right under my shorts, Jim would react with a new blow each time it moved. As we continued speeding down the hill, I was becoming more afraid of my toothless crazed good buddy Jim than I was of the tarantula.

It was a quiet Sunday morning as we blazed past the Dover Baptist Church at the bottom of the hill. The Sunday service was just letting out. The Pastor, in his best robes, was standing on the front steps still shaking hands with his departing parishioners, who were now treated to the sight of a person in terror, screaming profanity at the top of his lungs, while a very large man, with no teeth, clad in pink lycra shorts, continued to beat him about the rear with a large blunt object, while riding bicycles down the street.

The spider finally had had enough of Jim's poundings, as I pulled my bike to the side of the road. He sank his venomous laden fangs into my flesh and I gave out a cry that would wake the dead. All 150 pairs of eyes from the Baptist congregation were now turned and riveted on me. In agony, I quickly pulled down my shorts to get the creature out. I screamed at Jim that my rear was on fire with burning pain. He abruptly grabbed his water bottle and proceeded to squirt me with his grape Gatorade on my now bare naked butt.

In the corner of my eye, I saw a small child run up to the pastor and I heard him say;

"Are those the Sinners that You are always preaching about?"

Lying beside the road in pain, each and every Baptist drove by and shook their heads. Several pointed Jim and me out to their children, as examples of a life gone bad.........

1:49 PM  
Blogger Russ said...

Interesting study; one must truly consider why we become angry over such insignificances in daily life. Once people understand WHY they become angry, perhaps it will help them to stem their anger.

I hope you will actually continue to read my blog, as I will be checking yours for more insightful comments.

3:28 PM  
Blogger blogdude69 said...

Russ is amazingly insightful! At 19 he talks about society on a level I can really agree with.

His observations are sharp and well thought out...

He can see that the priorities set, on a social level, effect the paradigms the group owning those priorities put foremost in their mind.

Trully inspiring...

Not the rage machine I was hopping to solicit... but Damn good reading!

9:46 AM  
Blogger blogdude69 said...


Again is a very nice person too.. :)

He actually is looking for people to link from his site to ad to his content..

His blog is fun. Though very eclectic...
In a pointless fun way... I mean that in a possitive way.

I especially like the gif of the girl walking away from the camera... sExY!

But alas he too is not outraged by my attempt to offend... perhaps I need to bump up the spamming feeling of my posts?

11:50 AM  
Anonymous silas guimaraes said...

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9:39 PM  
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9:39 PM  
Blogger my_juno said...

I try to see the cat in everything.
It's like trying to see the beauty, but cat is far more meaningful to me,
and it's less New Age.

11:08 AM  

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