Sunday, September 18, 2005

So have we been trained like Pavlov's Dog? Or are we ACTUALLY Free thinkers?

Lisa_Renee said:

"Spam is a waste of bandwidth which is why it irritates most people.
Typically I don't waste much time on it, I just delete it."

IMHO ( which really means squat ;) ) This proves that she is SMART about dealing
with the things she may or may-not be annoyed with... I think she is at the top of the "bell curve" for sure.

I quoted this not to use it against anyone... (I just want to be clear...) I point it out to illustrate something..

If this were a truth (opposed to an opinion). If spam is a "waste of bandwidth". (Spam in my definition is the same as it is on But, for the sake of our conversation, we will expand the scope of their definition by adding comment spamming to the list of offending items like bulk postings to the usenet and email etc...)

What I mean by this is "Comments that are unsolicited" like the ones I post on other people blogs could be easily considered spam.

So by this definition for the REASON people don't like spam. (It is a waste of bandwidth):
If that was truly why people hate spam why don't people attack link exchanges the way people attack unsolicited comment spamming?

Link exchanges put ads I don't want to see (*wasting my bandwidth*) in front of me everyday...
So does Google adwords for that matter... if anyTHING on the net could be labeled a "waste of bandwidth" and hated by so many why not those too?

I would argue that the majority (Obviously not the readers of this blog heheh) have been indoctrinated by the dogma that I've seen on the net since before I graduated from UNLV in 95'.

(CS for those wondering.. I know... I know... maybe I should have been a psych major.)

I would argue that we have been trained to attack anything we see that looks like spam. (We are Pavlov's Dog and "the appearance of spam" is the bell.)

The difference is that WE ARE NOT dogs. (No brilliant insight there.. hehe )

Attack anyone who is trying to be better, because of all the people who try to cheat. We have been taught to punish all who exhibit the properties of someone who is a cheat. EVEN if they in fact aren't. We punish 100% of the people who take some sort of action. In an attempt to destroy the 10% or 20% (or 30% or 50% or whatever%) of the people who are actual thieves.

My point here is NOT to defend comment spamming or spamming of any kind if that is what you read then you have not grasped the reason I created this blog.

The thing I hope anyone who reads this will think about is... simple...
Have you REALLY THOUGHT about the paradigms you hold so dearly to your heart?
Or have they been handed to you and accepted... Are you Pavlov's Dog who has been trained by everyone else?
Or are you actually your own thinking person?

I hallucinate that an independent thinker is less likely to be upset by things that cause a "knee jerk reaction" of anger...
A thinking person assesses the value of a given incident and then determines if it is actually WORTH getting angry over..

So are you still upset because I posted an unrelated link on you blog?
Please tell us why?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My intent has backfired...! Oh no!!

I meant to get lots of nasty people to post here...
But instead a lot of very nice people have been posted!!!

Perhaps I should make my links sound more like a spammers advertisments?
This is funny... I fully expected lots of freaky mean people to post nasty nasty stuff here..

But I guess the world is a much better place then my expectations led me to believe..

I have embarked on testing some anger theories.

Are you just insane with anger!
Are you Really Pissed!!
Super Angry!!!
Totally Outraged!!!!
Offended to the power of infinity!!!!!
10, maybe 50 different kinds of UPSET!!!!!!

I'll kill myself, just for you... deal?

You would enjoy that wouldn't you?
Or would you...?

WOULD that satisfy you?
OR can you NOT be satisfied?

I was just joking about killing myself...
How would I maintain my precious blog if I were dead?

Did you know you could feel better about yourself and the
world if you take a look into some kind of anger management.

Yes, I'm provoking you! Let your anger take you!
The insurance companies will pay on the stroke you
give yourself! Come on get upset! Really upset!!!
Break your keyboard and kick your dog!!! Yeah...!!!
THATS IT! Stew in your anger!!!

My questions to you are:

Are you SURE this is worth being upset over?

Are you SURE about anything you're upset about?

Do your relationships suffer because you're SURE
about what you're upset about?

I am testing some theories on anger :)

Do we get angry out of an automated response?
Can someone actually stop an think about their
anger before they attack?

Can anger be turned into laughter before someone

Let me know if you are offended...
by leaving a comment: I promise to leave them all up.

I know that your personal space is important...

It is easy enough to delete anything I have offended
you with, so I am positive I have done no permanent damage.

So please don't let your self get too upset over it...
Unless your a complete psycho that lives on the attention
others give you when you're steaming!

Here is how it works...

I spend a few minutes each day...
looking for blogs that fit a certain profile.

Then I post that which I know is hated by every person
on the net... a link to something completely unrelated.

Most people don't care but... if you are hurt in any way...

I am truly sorry for you. Even though I was the trigger
for your anger I have a theory that I'm not the only
person who triggers it in you on a consistent basis.

I am human and I know how it feels to be really outraged...
though I've gotten over it...

What is my motivation?

Well, I often wonder why we get so
upset when someone cuts us off in our car...
or when someone "invades our space".

These things are just part of everyday life...
It is the meaning we attach to those things
that make us upset..

Why are we as a society so angry?

We live in a time where we have a better "quality of life"
than any other time in the world.

Yet millions are just heated and upset...
over the tiniest things...

Something we easily could control
(we control who can post to our blogs and who can't)...

Something that we have power over
(delete is a great thing)...

Blog-Rage is just a simple example of a MUCH greater problem.

All I'm hoping to do is bring it to you're attention.

Sure you know about anger and you have heard it a million times...
What are you doing about it? Is being angry getting you what you want?

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Have you been indoctrinated, by your peers with anger for netizens that act outside the bounds of your idea of proper netiquette?

The net represents our freedom... people are free to express
anywhere unless the person controlling that space
explicitly denies it. (access controls are a great thing)
So don't cry about it! Do something about it!

Do you even know why you're upset?

Are you that person who will get into an argument...
then forgets why the argument started?

Will this post to you precious blog matter when you are
on your death bed?

Still upset?

Please post why... I would love to know... So would my readers...
Are other posts here? read them...

Does your reason sound just as canned?
Does it sound just like everyone else's reason?

Perhaps we are all not that different... so similar in fact we
could learn to forgive the stupidity of others by seeing
that which is stupid in ourselves..

I love the circus!

Watching people flail about like clowns, because of their
rage, is so entertaining it brings me to tears laughing
at the thought of it...

(I know you have seen it too and laughed...)

I'm begging you... if you're still upset... tell us why.